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Covington Schools to Purchase Two New School Buses

The Covington Board of Education voted to purchase two new school buses.

The vote was held during a short special meeting last Thursday.

The new buses will replace a 12- and 14-year old bus.

The state recommends replacement of buses once they hit 12-years old because they tend to need major repairs after that.

$240,000 will buy one 66-passenger bus and one 84-passenger bus.

The board also approved a request to shorted the school day for three students.

One lives in a nursing home and cannot attend class for more than half a day, while another is autistic and has been away from school for a year. His parents want to ease him back into the classroom. A third student only needs three credits to graduate but is having trouble at school. The district is working to make it possible for him to graduate.

The board also approved a working budget, with anticipating of accepting the compensating rate for its share of property taxes. That means the tax rate will be adjusted simply to collect as much money as the district collected the year before.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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