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Due to Injuries, Dayton Football Cancels Game

Dayton High School canceled its Thursday night game at Ludlow because too many of the Greendevil players have suffered injuries.

Citing the amount, "as well as the severity," of injuries over the past two weeks, Dayton made the announcement Tuesday. "The safety of our kids and preventing further injury is our main priority at this point," the statement said.

On September 21, senior J.J. Jimenez was taken off the field by stretcher during a 38-7 loss at home to Bracken County. According to the school, Jimenez suffered a serious spinal injury leaving him without feeling in his legs. 

The school said that Jimenez is recovering, and two days after the injury was walking some.

Details about other injuries were not available.

Dayton has twenty-six players listed on its roster at the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA).

If the game is counted as a forfeit, Dayton drops to 0-6 on the season, while Ludlow improves to 5-2.

-Staff report

Photo: Scoreboard at Davis Field in Dayton (RCN file)

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