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In Erlanger Mayor's Race, Other Mayors Make Their Picks

Erlanger city council members Randy Blankenship and Jessica Fette are caught up in a heated race to be the city's next mayor.

And each candidate in recent days announced support from mayors of other cities.

Covington Mayor Joe Meyer and Independence Mayor Chris Reinersman endorsed Fette.

"I have gotten to know Jessica Fette over the past several years as she has been a regular attendee of our Kenton County Mayors’ Group monthly meetings," Reinersman said of Fette. "While this is unusual for a city council member, Jessica understands what most of my fellow mayors and I know, that it is critical that Kenton County’s cities work together to have a unified voice throughout the region and the state. I’ve seen this firsthand as she worked with me and several other mayors to address the impact of the pension crisis to each city. While her contributions to our group are notable, they do not compare with her passion for Erlanger, which is matched only by her intellect, thorough research, and ability to bring people together to work toward solutions."

"In one term Jessica Fette has already impressed other city leaders in Kenton County with her work ethic, sharp insights, ability to build coalitions, and the fresh energy she's bringing to build Erlanger's future," Meyer said. "She's a leader. She's a problem solver. She will serve the people of Erlanger well."

Meanwhile, Blankenship announced the support of Edgewood Mayor John Link and Elsmere Mayor Marty Lenhof.

“I have known Randy Blankenship for a long time. I rarely make any endorsements for any candidates. But, I will make an exception for this race," Lenhof said. "Randy Blankenship is a proven leader who is dedicated to making Erlanger a better place. Randy is clearly the best choice in this election and he deserves your vote.  I urge all of you to support Randy Blankenship for Erlanger Mayor.”

“If I could, I’d come to Erlanger and vote for Randy three times, I feel so strongly about this," Link said.

Fette and Blankenship are running to replace Mayor Tyson Hermes, who is not seeking reelection as mayor after one term, and is instead running for a seat on city council.

Hermes supports Fette.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher