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Listen: RCN's Michael Monks Breaks Down NKY Elections on WVXU

RCN editor & publisher Michael Monks joined host Dan Hurley on Friday's Cincinnati Edition on 91.7 WVXU to discuss Northern Kentucky political races.

The segment focused primarily on legislative races and whether there is a "blue wave" on the horizon in Northern Kentucky, and took a look at the state senate race between incumbent Republican Wil Schroder and Democrat Rachel Roberts, the open state representative races in districts 65 and 66 - one of which divided a neighborhood and the other of which divided a political party, and the state house race between incumbent Republican Adam Koenig and Democrat Col Owens.

The program also touched on the Erlanger mayor's race and Marsy's Law.

To listen, click here - and the NKY segment starts at 13:35 if you want to skip ahead.

However, the first segment features a discussion with Enquirer reporter Scott Wartman about the Ohio U.S. Senate and Congressional races, and the subsequent segment focuses on prescription drug abuse by teens and references work done by the Children's Home of Northern Kentucky in a discussion with Enquirer reporter Terry Demio. Both segments are worth your time!