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Covington Latin Announces Composite ACT Score of 29.8

Covington Latin School announced that its Class of 2018 scored an average ACT composite score of 29.8.

The highest possible score is 36. The average composite score in Kentucky this year was 20.2, and 20.8 nationally. Comparatively, the highest scoring public high schools in Northern Kentucky in 2018 were Beechwood (25.3) and Highlands (24.1).

Latin School averaged 5-year highs in reading (30.9), English (31.6), and math (28.3). It averaged a 27.8 in science.

In college-readiness data also released by ACT, Covington Latin saw 100 percent of its 2018 class meet benchmarks in English and math, 97 percent in reading, and 97 percent in science. 

94 percent of the 2018 graduating class met all four of the college-ready benchmarks.

The state average for such an achievement is 22 percent.

“Five-year highs in three of the four subsections and in the composite reaffirm the commitment the students, teachers, and parents have toward achieving academic excellence,” said Diocese of Covington Schools Superintendent and interim Headmaster Michael Clines, who announced the results during a school assembly last Friday.

Covington Latin serves students in grades 7 through 12 where all students pass an entrance exam and skip one or two grade levels upon admission.

-Staff report
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