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NKY Police: Two NJ Men Accused of Tracking Mobile Phone Deliveries

Two men were arrested, accused of coming to Northern Kentucky from New Jersey, tracking the delivery of mobile phones to local houses.

Adonis Hernandez, 24, and Jose Fabian Rodriguez, 59, were the target of an investigation by police departments in Park Hills, Ft. Wright, and Covington.

And maybe more.

"We will be checking to see if this is part of a larger operation," said Park Hill Police Lt. Richard Webster.

Webster told The River City News that Hernandez and Rodriguez were allegedly part of a scam in which they would user others' identities to purchase gift cards at Walgreens stores, and then use those cards to purchase mobile phones. The phones would be sent to addresses in Northern Kentucky, likely cased out by the suspects and determined to be vacant or mostly empty, Webster said. Hernandez and Rodriguez would then, according to police, track the shipment down to the moment of delivery in order to take the package from the porch.

The plan fell apart when a Park Hills resident was actually home when one of the men is believed to have come to the front door and taken a package. 

Surveillance video from the home was handed over to police, and they gave investigators a car to search for. Park Hills Police spotted the car not long after, and stopped it.

Police from Ft. Wright and Ft. Mitchell were brought in to detain the suspects. Officers discovered seven mobile phones and a stolen credit card in the vehicle.

One package in the vehicle had a Covington address. Covington Police worked the case for Park Hills, said Webster, who credited Covington with a good investigation.

Webster said the stopping of the suspects prevented three more deliveries from taking place.

In the meantime, the investigation goes on. Police want to know why the two suspects would travel from New Jersey, stay in the Days Inn in Ft. Wright, and target local properties for the alleged scam.

Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher