Op-Ed: Re-Elect Waugaman to Villa Hills Council

The following op-ed is written by Gary Waugaman, candidate for Villa Hills city council.

My name is Gary Waugaman, and I am running for Villa Hills City Council. My wife, Mary Kay, our two children, and I have lived in Villa Hills for 29 years. I am a business owner and a member of St. Joseph Parish.

I served in several capacities before being on council. I was on the board of adjustments for three years and ten months, administration committee for three years and ten months, the finance committee for four years, and civil service commission for three years and six months.

I am now serving as Mayor Pro Tem for two terms, councilman for two terms, administration committee for a total of seven years and ten months, finance committee chairman for eight years, parks and recreation committee for four years, public works for four years, and one year as vice president of Planning Development Services after serving on PDS Council for two years.

I also attend the Mayors Group Meetings. I have not missed a single council meeting, caucus meeting, special meeting, finance meeting, or PDS Council meeting.

I have kept and will continue to keep the promises I made four years ago of transparency, fiscal responsibility, to fix roads, and reorganization of the police department. I also told people that I would help them in any way I could based on the merit of their issue. I also stated that my personal views or feelings would not be a factor in my decisions.

I was the lead on developing the road tax to improve our roads, which was passed by 60 percent of the voters that voted. By the end of this fiscal year we will have spent $4.1 million on our roads, the most ever spent.

I saved the city money from buying software for public works to track time, jobs, and work orders by developing software for these tasks. As you can see, I am very active in the city and outside the city on different boards, committees, and councils, which benefits the city.

I just want to say that I am here for all of Villa Hills. I will always do what is best for Villa Hills and the residents. Anyone who knows me will tell you I am a fact-based person. Anyone who says any different does not know me very well. Some people say that myself and other Council members do not listen to the citizens of our city. Well, that simply is not true. Just because we can’t do what you want does not mean we are not listening to you. We have rules, regulations and laws to follow. Sitting in that seat at Council does not give you the right to do what ever you want.

A last couple of thoughts: (1) Remember where we were four years ago? (2) Where were these people four years ago that want to flip this Council and Mayor?

Thank you for letting me serve you for the past four years, and thank you in advance for your support and vote on November 6th.

Gary Waugaman

Councilman, Villa Hills