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Op-Ed: Vote Huizenga for Kentucky House District 65

The following op-ed is written by Jordan Huizenga, Republican candidate for Kentucky House District 65 (Covington, Ludlow, Park Hills, Bromley).

I want to thank the The River City News for this opportunity to make my case as the best candidate for State Representative in the 65th District.

I’m running to be your next Representative because I want to create a community and a Commonwealth where all kids can be successful and where families can thrive. That’s been my mission in my personal, professional and political lives. It drives me as a volunteer, as an employee of Children, Inc. and as a two-term Covington City Commissioner, and it will drive me as your Representative.

My main focus in Frankfort will be on education, because I believe education is the key to fixing the problems in our community. Education is the great equalizer and if we can focus on creating better outcomes for our students, more kids and families will find a better future. We need to make education our top priority as a State. Then we will work to find and create the funding necessary for greater access to early childhood education, better K-12 public schools, more access to post secondary and workforce training, and better salaries for our teachers.

I am against tolls. I believe pensions are a moral obligation, and that they should be fully-funded. I will make sure the State provides more help to the 65th District to fix our infrastructure and fight the opioid epidemic. And I’ll work to create a government that works best for those who need it most. Because I’m fed up with a system that concentrates poverty and disincentivizes work. It doesn’t work for families and it hurts opportunity for our children.

We have to create an environment and a pathway where more people can enter the workforce, with good paying jobs, to create stable households where children can be successful. I will fight for our community and I will fight for you.  

We have unprecedented opportunity as a Commonwealth but due to decades of poor management, lack of growth and a lack of innovation and new ideas we are facing real challenges, right now. We can’t afford to revert back to old ideas, old policies and failed positions that got this state where it is today: 34th in overall education, 33rd in population growth, 47th in median household income, 42nd in overall health outcomes and the worst funded pension system in the country. We must move forward and dream new ideas and innovative solutions to our current challenges. We must do better and together, I believe we can.

I’ve spent the last 10 months talking with voters about new ideas and bringing innovation to our state government. I’ve presented real positions that solve real problems for my neighbors because that’s why I want to go to Frankfort: not to support a party or a platform, but to support you and to solve problems for our community.

I will work across party lines to solve problems for our Commonwealth, create better education outcomes for students and help create and bring more good paying jobs to this State. Please check out my website for more information on my positions and plans.

I will work every day to earn your support. I’m Jordan Huizenga and I hope I can count on your vote on November 6th.

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