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Trump Jokes About Sneaking Into Kentucky "for All the Wrong Reasons"

President Trump was in Cleveland on Monday night rallying Republicans on Election Day eve.

But during his remarks, he referenced the time he spent in Ohio, as a young man, working for a summer in Cincinnati. That's where his father, Fred Trump, purchased a large apartment community called Swifton Village in 1964.

Trump was between his senior year of high school and freshman year of college.

According to a report in The Washington Post, Trump would perform menial tasks like clean-up and yard work, before taking on a more serious role in later years:

Reports suggest that the younger Trump was progressively more involved with the property as he got older, but it’s unclear how often he visited. We didn’t find evidence he ever lived in Cincinnati.

Trump's reference to Cincinnati on Monday is notable for Northern Kentuckians because of what he said next. "And I won't tell you, I shouldn't say that in this room, but I on occasion would be known to sneak into Kentucky because I liked Kentucky," Trump said. "I liked Kentucky for all the wrong reasons, but I liked Kentucky. I liked it. I had a good time in Cincinnati, Ohio. I learned a lot. I learned a lot in Cincinnati, Ohio, and I love Ohio. Maybe that's why we won it by so much, remember?"

So, what was Trump talking about?

What kind of "wrong reasons" drew the president to, presumably, Newport and/or Covington?

Here's the video (Trump's remarks about Cincinnati and Kentucky begin at 14:45):

-Staff report

Image via Trump's Twitter