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Election Not Over in One NKY City - Where Write-In Votes Led to Tie

Of the six current members of the Crescent Springs city council, only three sought reelection.

Christie Arlinghaus, Carter Dickerson, and Bob Mueller were the only incumbents on a ballot that originally did not have enough candidates to fill all the six seats.

Joining Mueller and Arlinghaus on the ballot were challengers Vincent Albanese and Chad Longbons.

With only five candidates filing, those five were virtually guaranteed a spot on the new council.

But three candidates launched write-in campaigns.

On Wednesday, those results were released by the Kenton County Clerk's office, and two of three write-in candidates garnered 79 votes each.

Patrick Hackett and Jeannine Bell Smith will now face off in an old-fashioned coin toss to determine who wins the sixth seat, Kenton County Clerk Gabrielle Summe told The River City News.

Summe said the two candidates will agree to a date for the coin-toss, and then the winner will be determined.

Crescent Springs Council Election Results

Christi Arlinghaus 860 winner

Bob Mueller 820 winner

Vincent Albanese 756 winner

Carter Dickerson 682 winner

Chad Longbons 674 winner

Patrick Hackett (write-in) 79

Jeannine Bell Smith (write-in) 79

Scott Santangelo (write-in) 57

Crescent Springs Mayor Lou Hartfiel ran for reelection unopposed, and won a second term.

There is a deadline for candidates to enter campaigns as write-in candidates, and they must do so in order for votes for them to count.

Write-in candidate Sharon Gronotte won a spot on the Crestview Hills city council with 120 votes. The council has six seats and only five candidates formally ran, while Gronotte was the lone write-in candidate.

No other Kenton County write-in campaigns impacted Tuesday night's election results.

In the Covington city commission race, write-in candidate Charlene Dietz earned just 15 votes, more than 2,000 votes behind the 8th-place finisher.

Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Image via City of Crescent Springs