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City of Covington Launches Early Literacy Program

The City of Covington launched a new initiative this week aimed at improving childhood literacy.
Read Ready Covington will be one of the city's most visible priorities over the next few years, according to a news release.
Dozens gathered at the Carnegie on Thursday afternoon for the launch.
"Early literacy must become a shared community value," said Mayor Joe Meyer.
The launch event included the name of the program and its related brand and marketing components, designed by Covington-based BLDG.
The campaign will include use of free early literacy apps for parents living in the city. Those apps, Footsteps2Brilliance and CleverKids, are designed to help parents introduce reading skills to their young children and to share time reading together.
There will also be monthly literacy events, including the first next week, Thursday, November 15, at City Heights.
The city commission voted to hire Mary Kay Connolly in a no-bid $70,000 contract to oversee the effort.
Children attending school can sign up for the apps with help from their teachers. Children in preschool or child-care facilities in many instances can do the same.
Covington residents can go to to create free parent and children accounts. The registered adult will receive a username and password to log into the apps and also your children's Super Secret Code.
Using any smart phone, tablet, laptop, or computer, parents can download the free apps but should download only the books, songs, and games that they plan to use. It is notnecessary to download the entire app at one time. This could slow down your device or use too much data at one time.
For a video that explains the Footsteps2Brilliance app, see the Covington Independent Public Schools website HERE.

-Staff report