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McDaniel Awarded 2018 Friend of Kentucky Cities

Senator Chris McDaniel (R-Taylor Mill) was honored by the Kentucky League of Cities with its 2018 Friend of Kentucky Cities award.

It was presented at Saturday's meeting of the Kenton County Mayors Group.

“Because of the actions taken by the Kentucky Retirement Systems (KRS) Board of Directors last summer, one of the big issues cities were forced to tackle this past legislative session was the need for a phase-in of contribution rates for employers in the County Employees Retirement System (CERS),” said KLC's J.D. Chaney. “As chair of the Senate Appropriations and Revenue Committee, Senator McDaniel stepped up and amended House Bill 362 to provide employer contribution caps for CERS employers. The temporary rate relief provided in Senator McDaniel’s amendment was a necessary response to the KRS Board’s action and was essential for the fiscal vitality of our cities. We are grateful that Senator McDaniel was willing to take a lead role on this issue and we are confident we can count on him to continue to work with cities in the upcoming session to find a more permanent solution.”

"I am truly humbled by this award,” said McDaniel. “The 23rd District is composed of many cities, and I believe in advocating for legislation that ultimately improves the well-being of the citizens of our community. I will continue to promote measures that allow our communities to thrive, and I look forward to supporting more of these opportunities in next year’s legislative session."

KLC Executive Director/CEO Jonathan Steiner expressed his appreciation for Senator McDaniel’s commitment to cities. “He understood the importance of the rate relief House Bill 362 provided for local governments. We are proud to name Senator McDaniel a ‘Friend of Kentucky Cities’ again this year as he continues to show a dedication to the passage of legislation that is key to cities in his district and across the state.”

-Staff report

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