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Taylor Mill to Address Zoning Modernization as Resident's Driveway Needs Replacement

A Taylor Mill resident wants to sell her home, but sharing a driveway with neighbors could be a detriment to that intention.

Jeanette Hodges, who lives on Robertson Road, asked the city commission for help last week.

She and her husband own a home that sits on a flag lot, a property that rests off a long driveway. For twenty-three years, the Hodges have maintained a licensing agreement with the neighbors.

But now, Jeanette Hodges's husband in a long-term care facility, and the couple hope to sell. The neighbor is not agreeable to creating a new agreement.

After checking with Planning & Development Services of Kenton County, as well as the cities of Independence and Covington, for perspective, Hodges decided to ask the city commission for help.

She was joined by her real estate agent, Rod Fussinger, of ReMax.

The city's board of adjustment suggested that Hodges install her own driveway.

Hodges is open to that, but wants a fully gravel driveway since asphalt or concrete would be more expensive. But, gravel is against the current zoning regulation.

Plus, Hodges said that she would have to remove as many as fifteen trees to put in the new driveway, and she wants to preserve as many as possible. 

The city commission seemed agreeable to a compromise: a gravel driveway, after the installation of twenty feet of asphalt.

Meanwhile, the city is considering adopting a zoning modernization project called Z21, launched by PDS. The goal of that project is to modernize outdated zoning regulations.

One such ordinance that could be impacted is the one relating to flag lots in Taylor Mill, as well as driveways.

Hodges asked the city commission to act on Z21 sooner, rather than later.

The city commission directed City Administrator Brian Haney to make an application to PDS to adopt Z21. Haney told Hodges that he would help her through the process of obtaining the necessary permits for her driveway project.

Also on Monday night, PDS planner Chris Schneider, presented a land use map. Schneider sought the opinion of the city commission on whether to make one section of the city multi-use since there is commercial and office use present, but no residential. The commission agreed.

The commission also agreed to leave one section as residential.

Schneider said that he would digitize the results of that discussion and then meet with commissioners to go over the land use plan.

In other news, Haney announced that the city changed its health insurance plan, which will cost 7 percent more than last year. 

Amy Pulsfort was hired as an administrative assistant, and she will assist the city administrator and work as police clerk.

Police officer Ken Holstein was promoted to sergeant.

Karen Spayner and Rita Hassler retired from the city.

Cub Scout Pack 766 attended the meeting as they worked towards their Build a Better World Badge. The scouts led the Pledge of Allegiance prior to the meeting.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
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