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Mainstrasse Parking Garage Opens on Limited Basis

Part of the new Mainstrasse Village parking garage, which is part of the RiverHaus apartment development, will open Tuesday evening, the City of Covington announced.
The city said about one hundred parking spots will open to start at the garage at Fifth and Main Streets.
Parking will be free on a temporary basis and limited to nighttime hours, 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. Monday through Saturday, and all day on Sunday.
The goal of the limited hours is to limit interference or inconvenience to the ongoing development of RiverHaus.
The garage can be accessed on the Main Street side.
The city praised RiverHaus developer, Indianapolis-based Flaherty & Collins, for accommodating its request.
"We're well aware that construction of this exciting project took away parking used by patrons of MainStrasse Village, and that's why we wanted to replace that parking as soon as it was possible to do in a safe manner," City Manager David Johnston said. "This has been a long time coming, but the wet weather - especially in early spring - has interfered."
The city aimed to have the garage opened last week, but the ice storm delayed that plan. The garage also needed an emergency approval for temporary occupancy by safety inspectors with the Covington Fire Department and Planning & Development Services of Kenton County.
When RiverHaus is completed, it will bring 190 upscale apartments, retail space, and a two-story parking garage, which will have parking reserved for residents, and about a hundred spaces for the public.
Public parking will have a fee some time early next year.
Covington Economic Development Director Tom West said the city was cognizant of the needs of MainStrasse Village bars and restaurants as it worked with Flaherty & Collins representative Deron Kintner, PDS, and the Fire Department to get the additional parking open in time for the annual holiday events season.
"It's an important time of the year for our small businesses, so we appreciate the collaboration on this," he said.
-Staff report