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Covington Announces Committee to Help Vision for New City Hall

The City of Covington appointed a group of sixteen people - including a city commissioner, a city commissioner-elect, and a former city manager - to serve on a task force to aid in the vision for a new City Hall.

“It’s a good group, full of people carefully picked for their creativity, level of engagement, interest, work ethic, and diverse backgrounds,” Covington Mayor Joe Meyer said.
The list was unanimously approved by the Covington city commission on Tuesday night.
Previously, the city contracted with YARD & Company, a business developed in Bellevue that announced the week a move to Cincinnati, to explore possibilities for the role, function, uses, and goals of a potential new home for the city government.
The contract with YARD was funded by private dollars. The visioning process for the new City Hall is expected to take five months and will include elements of public engagement.
Covington City Hall has been located at 20 West Pike Street, in a former JC Penney store, since 2013, when it vacated another former department store, Coppin's, on Madison Avenue, to make way for the development of Hotel Covington there.
The city rents its current office space, and an original five-year lease with the Salyers Group was recently extended by four years.
“A city hall should be more than a building. It should be a vibrant center for a community, a meeting place, and a hub for efforts to create a better city and a better life for its families,” Meyer said. “This task force is the group of Covington residents that is going to help us figure out how Covington City Hall can fulfill that responsibility not just now but also 50 to 100 years from now. I look forward to seeing their work.”
The task force members: 
  • Andrew Hargis
  • Angela White
  • Brittany Brandenburg
  • Chris Henry
  • Janet Creekmore
  • Jim Guthrie
  • John “Jay” Fossett
  • Lori Eifert
  • Peter D’Angio
  • Quentin Koopman
  • Richard Hamel
  • Rob Fischer
  • Shannon Smith
  • Stephen Hayden
  • Taylor Lowry
  • Tim Downing

-Staff report