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Landmark Covington Sign Comes Down, Sold at Auction for Low Price

For two decades the sign caught the attention of thousands of daily motorists who drive through Covington along Interstate 75, even though for half that time the business that it advertised had been closed.

Jillian's, the once popular multi-level entertainment destination known for its several dance floors, lounges, and games, saw the last piece of its history removed from the historic Bavarian Brewing Company site.

The sign came down on Saturday after being sold at an online auction.

The winning bid was $365, and with fees, amounted to $410.65.

The Bavarian site, the castle-like structure named for the 19th century brewery that operated there, is now owned by Kenton County which is moving its government operations there.

The county put the sign up for auction on GovDeals, an online bidding site for governments to sell surplus items. At the time of the auction, the county noted that in addition to the winning bid, the buyer would also be responsible for the sign's removal and transport from the site. 

The amount that would cost was not immediately available. Neither was the identity of the sign's new owner(s) (if it is you, or if you know, and want to share, please email us at [email protected]).

Another relic from the nightclub, Jillian's Way, the north-south road that runs between Martin Luther King Blvd./12th Street and PIke Street, parallel to I-75, was recently renamed Simon Kenton Way.

Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher

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