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Former Highlands Football Coach Arrested on Sodomy Charges

A former high school football coach who won four state titles at two different schools is charged with four counts of sodomy.

Thomas Duffy, 69, was indicted on those felony counts last week in Boyle County Circuit Court.

According to reports, Duffy allegedly "engaged in deviate sexual intercourse" with a minor under 16" in all four counts.

The alleged crimes took place between 1982 and 1983.

Duffy won state titles in 1984 and 1987 as head coach at Danville High School in Boyle County, where he coached from 1980 to 1987. He then became head coach at Highlands High School in Fort Thomas where he won another pair of state titles in 1989 and 1992. He coached the Bluebirds from 1988 to 1993.

Duffy went on to lead Henderson County High School's football team from 1994 to 2003.

The Lexington resident is out of jail on $10,000 bond.

-Staff report

Photo: Boyle Co. Courthouse (via Boyle Co. PVA)