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Ludlow Schools Prepare for New Graduation Requirements, Ignite Institute

Superintendent Michael Borchers outlined new graduation requirements, as adopted by the state, at the recent meeting of the Ludlow Board of Education.

All students must now pass a reading and math test in tenth grade, and pass a financial literacy test, and accumulate 22 total credit hours in order to receive a diploma.

The Ignite Institute, which will open next fall, provided a PowerPoint presentation about what is offered to students who attend. The institute has scholar-focused programs that specialize in the next generation STEAM subjects, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. It has a cross-disciplinary curriculum developed in collaboration with area business leaders.

Beginning in the ninth grade, students who qualify will be able to apply for the institute starting in the spring of next year, and still be enrolled at Ludlow. This means the student can take part in extracurricular activities at the school, and will still receive a diploma from Ludlow, even though their days will be spent at the Institute, which will be located on Atlantic Avenue in Erlanger.  

Borchers said that this is another advantage the district can give its students, though not all students will be the right match for Ignite.

He said the state funding for the students who qualify to go to Ignite will go along with the student, but the school will depend on businesses for funding also. That way they can participate in the workforce development.

Students will be bussed to the Institute, but exactly how has not yet been settled.

Borchers said this institute is based on the Plano model in Silicon Valley.

Ludlow High School principal Travis Caudill gave a report on the School Safety Audit which was conducted on November 13. Two teams visited each school for the entire day. The teams conducted interviews with parents, staff, and students, and also held a facilities review. The audit is voluntary. Caudill said he was happy with the preliminary results that he gleaned from the exit interviews, and when he receives the final report he will share it with the board.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor