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Familiar Argument as Campbell Co. Reappoints Kenton Co. Resident to SD1 Board

A repeat of an argument from the summer of 2015 returned to the Campbell County Fiscal Court just before Thanksgiving.

Judge/Executive Steve Pendery nominated Robert Horine to serve as one of the county's two representatives to the Sanitation District 1 board of directors.

The nomination was approved by votes from Pendery, and County Commissioners Brian Painter and Tom Lampe.

Commissioner Charlie Coleman disapproved, echoing his similar dissent from 2015.

"I can't vote for somebody who lives in Kenton County to represent Campbell County," Coleman said. "It's just not right."

Horine, who was the longtime Campbell County administrator before retiring in 2014, lives in Covington.

"Well, you missed the opportunity for thirteen years to speak up about Robert representing Campbell County when he was chief operating officer in Campbell County and had more influence in Campbell County than any other person even though he lived in Kenton County," Pendery said. "We hire the best people and we put them to work for us. My opinion remains the same. He was the best person best placed to represent our interests because that's what he had been doing for thirteen years."

Horine has since become president of the SD1 board.

Pendery argued that while he was county administrator, Horine handled sanitation projects for the county. "(He) is widely acknowledged to be an outstanding board member," Pendery said. "Your objection is noted."

Coleman suggested that a better nominee for the role would be Camp Springs resident Anna Zinkhon, who lost to Pendery in this year's Republican primary in the judge/executive race. Coleman, running as an independent, lost to Pendery in November and will be leaving the fiscal court.

Painter and Lampe voiced their support for Horine.

Painter credited Horine with saving nearly $75,000 for the county by having more than 700 homes removed from the storm water fee list. "He knew Campbell County very intimately as head administrator all those years. He knew where the savings were and how to approach the problem," Painter said.

"Conceptually, I understand the objection," Lampe said. "Robert Horine is clearly an exception. His performance as a board member - he's a valued member and chairman of the board and I think it's a good idea to keep him in his position."

Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Photo: Robert Horine (via SD1)

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