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Op-Ed: Villa Hills Mayor Calls for Creation of NKY Police Academy

According to the website the number of police officer jobs will increase 32 percent over the next 4 years requiring 400 new officers in Kentucky every year on top of those who retire or leave policing.  

The amount of new officers needed presents a challenge to many cities in our Commonwealth due to the limited number of police academy slots available for new officers. There are only three such academies in Kentucky, one for Louisville, one for the State Police, and the third for everyone else. With only a few recruit classes per year and limited space, we cannot keep up with the needed demand for new police officers.

As the second largest metropolitan region of the state, Northern Kentucky has many small departments that would benefit from having a local police academy. With the large number of officers in our region that also need to receive annual continuing education, having a Northern Kentucky Police Academy is not only feasible, it’s desperately needed.

I strongly urge our local elected officials and our regional delegation in Frankfort to support this effort.

-Butch Callery, Mayor of Villa Hills