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Sidewalks, Lighting Discussed in Park Hills as New Leaders Take Oath

The Park Hills city council met for the final time this year and Kenton County Family Court Judge Dawn Gentry was on hand to swear in the new leaders.

Kathy Zembrodt, a longtime council member, ran unopposed for mayor and was sworn in Tuesday.

New council members Joe Shields, Wesley Deters, Sarah Froelich, and Kevin Theissen joined previous members Pam Spoor and Steve Elkins in being sworn in on the council.

Their term will begin on January 1.

The departing members of city council, Jason Reser and Karl Oberjohn, who lost re-election, and Greg Claypole, who did not run, thanked the community and city staff for their support.

Mayor Matt Mattone, who ran for a seat on city council but lost, also said goodbye, turning the reins over to Zembrodt.

"It is a thankless job, but it is enjoyable," Mattone told Zembrodt. "We are rooting for you. Your success is our success."

Mattone, still serving as mayor this week, presided over the final meeting.

In the business portion of the meeting, Oberjohn gave a report on lighting in the city. Some parts of Park Hills have very little light, particularly in the city's northern end.

Oberjohn concluded that many city lights will become obsolete as the trend is to move to LED lighting.

The cost to replace lights in most of the city ranges from $2,500 to $6,300, with monthly maintenance costs between $12 and $29.

However, Jackson Road would be more expensive since there is no lighting there at all. To install new lights, the city would pay close to $63,000 with a $55 monthly maintenance cost.

Bayer Becker Engineers conducted a pavement study throughout the city, and the results were announced at the meeting. Zach Borchers, a project engineer with the firm, told council that 75 percent of the roads rated "fair" to "good", and 20 percent rated "poor" to "very poor". The average rating was 77.6 percent. He said that he walked 8.8 miles of road.

Mayor Mattone said that the tree study done by students at the University of Kentucky is finished and they would come and talk to council about it, or they can just upload the PDF file.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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