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One More Divided Vote for Outgoing Taylor Mill Commission

The frequently divided Taylor Mill city commission met for the final time this week, with one more split vote on the way out the door.

City Commissioner Sarah Frietch, who lost her challenge to Mayor Dan Bell in November's election, said that City Administrator Brian Haney had emailed about the possibility of offering a raise to city clerk Kristy Webb.

Haney suggested a boost to Webb's annual salary of $6,500, bringing the yearly total to $50,000.

Frietch said that the current commission should approve the recommendation.

However, Commissioner Mark Kreimborg said that while he supports the raise, the vote should be left to the new commission that takes office in January. Mayor Dan Bell agreed.

Frietch made a motion to approve the raise, anyway. She was joined in her vote of approval by Commissioner Phil Peace, who lost his re-election bid in November.

Bell, Kreimborg, and Commissioner Dan Murray voted against it, qualifying their move with the idea that they would approve the raise in January. Those three will be joined in January by newly-elected city commissioners Rose Merritt and Caroline Braden.

The new commission will be sworn in on Friday, December 21, at 6 p.m. at the city building. A small reception will follow.

Other notes:

The swap between the cities of Taylor Mill and Covington related to parts of Mason Road, Wayman Branch, and Bud's Way is completed. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will now be responsible for maintaining those portions.

Geotechnical experts recommend a pier wall to address a problem at the Keavy Road Dam. Along with road maintenance the cost would be roughly $120,000. Sanitation District 1 is already planning about $20,000 worth of work there, but it was unknown whether more could be done or contributed by the utility.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor