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Two Sisters to Be Charged After False Threat Against Dixie Heights

Two sisters face charges after falsely accusing another student of making a threat of violence against Dixie Heights High School, Edgewood Police reported on Friday.

The school and police were notified of an alleged threat via social media just after 9 p.m. on Thursday.

Police launched an investigation and interviewed numerous students.

On Friday, police deployed additional resources to the school as students arrived, and officers continued their investigation.

Police determined that one girl sent a message to another student falsely accusing a third student of planning to shoot up the school on Monday or Tuesday. The student that received that message posted it to social media, and it was shared many times.

The sister of the girl who sent the original message then took to social media to threaten bodily harm against the student falsely accused of making the threat against the school, police said.

Police determined that the false threat originated from an ongoing dispute between one of the sisters and the student falsely accused of making a threat.

The investigation concluded that there was not any credible threat against the school made by the accused student.

Instead, the two sisters will face yet-to-be-determined charges in juvenile court, Edgewood Police said. Police said, after consulting with the Kenton County Attorney's Office, that potential charges could be falsely reporting an incident, disorderly conduct, and terroristic threatening.

"We take any threats to school safety seriously and will investigate and prosecute offenders aggressively," Edgewood Police said in a statement. "This includes anyone who falsely accuses another of making such threats."

Edgewood Police maintained additional resources at Dixie on Friday.

-Staff report

Photo via City of Crestview Hills