The Baker's Table is Now Open in Newport

Newport welcomed its newest restaurant this month when The Baker's Table opened at 1004 Monmouth Street.

David Willocks, the chef and owner, can’t wait to share his vision for a fresh, welcoming gathering space. Created around the principles of "growth, family, and respect," The Baker’s Table offers farm-to-table cuisine, rustic pastries, and breads.

Customers can to stop in for their morning coffee and a biscuit with homemade jam or enjoy a full breakfast or lunch in the bright and attractive dining room. The weekend days will center around leisurely brunches. Willocks plans to open for dinners toward the end of 2019.

Lots of white paint, the original tin ceiling, an acid-washed brick wall and marble-topped bar give The Baker’s Table the feel of a European bistro. The front windows are actually a garage-style door that can be opened to the fresh air, connecting the dining room with the outdoor seating area. The actual baker’s table is positioned opposite the front windows and offers dining space for larger groups.

Trained as a baker, Willocks’ menu centers around fresh bread. The restaurant’s specialty is Pullman loaves of sourdough. This style of bread is made in a special lidded pan and is just right for sandwiches. It is named after the Pullman rail car because the perfectly rectangular shape of the loaves made it possible to fit more bread in the racks used for the dining cars of old passenger trains.

Willocks first had the idea for this restaurant while spending the day at Darkwood Farms in rural Kentucky. “We created our entire meal out of things that were growing right there in the garden”, he says. It was this extra challenge of devising a menu on the fly, using only what was available, that appealed to his chef’s soul. He has since made arrangements with that same farm to supply many of the ingredients he uses in the kitchen. The seasonal, rustic recipes will be the mainstay of what he is calling the “farm-driven” menu.

-Contributed by Jill Morenz

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