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Villa Hills Police Honored for Social Media Engagement

Villa Hills Police Department was one of sixteen across the Greater Cincinnati area to be honored by AAA.

It was the only Northern Kentucky department to receive a AAA Traffic Safety Award for "exemplary efforts to address issues such as impaired and distracted driving, as well as pedestrian safety in the community."

The awards event was held in late November at the Metropolitan Club in Covington.

Honorees were selected through an application process.

“The work that our law enforcement partner agencies do each and every day to keep our roads and communities safer is outstanding,” said Tom Wiedemann, president and CEO of AAA. “It is a great privilege to honor these officers as they work tirelessly to address serious threats to traffic safety.”

Villa Hills police officers addressed the growing problem of distracted and impaired driving through innovative social media engagement and at its annual safety night in the local community garnering the Platinum Award.

Paul Hartinger, retired chief of police for the city of Blue Ash, Oh., keynoted the dinner where he discussed the importance of partnerships between law enforcement agencies and traffic safety organizations to reduce road fatalities and injuries as new emerging automotive technologies are being developed across the country.

“Our local law enforcement agencies are proven leaders and servants to their communities” said Hartinger. “They answer a higher calling by going above and beyond to find innovative solutions to traffic safety problems on our roadways. As new automotive technology outpaces our learning curves and creates its own dangers, including misuse and overreliance that could lead to deadly crashes or other dangers, we as law enforcement agencies must continue to advocate and partner with organizations such as AAA to educate and engage the community on traffic safety.”

-Staff report