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Santa Sighting: Kenton Co. Dispatch Issues Attempt to Locate

Santa Claus made his annual visit to Northern Kentucky - but not without being spotted.

Kenton County Emergency Dispatch issued an attempt to locate on a "suspicious vehicle", "described as an open-top sleigh", "going rooftop to rooftop in Kenton County cities with nine reindeer, the leader with a bright red nose."

The dispatch center also described Santa as popularly know him, and listed his aliases such as Kris Kringle and St. Nick, and noted that he is wanted for merry misdemeanors.

The dispatcher also noted that the "suspect" had a large bag with unknown items, "possibly toys for all the good girls and boys."

The situation was not urgent. Officers were asked not to detain Claus long, if they spotted him, since he had many stops to make that night.

Take a listen: