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Ludlow School Leaders Discuss Improvement Plans, Honor Board Member Elected to Council

The Ludlow Board of Education honored longtime member Steve Chapman who is vacating his seat after winning a spot on the Ludlow city council.

Chapman served as a board of education member for 24 years.

"I have loved my time as a board member," said Chapman, "and believe that we have an excellent school system for the students, parents, and community of Ludlow."

Superintendent Michael Borchers presented Chapman with a clock to commemorate his time on the board.

Kym King was elected to serve on the school board. She will be sworn in at the January meeting.

The board listened to the first reading of the amended food and nutrition policy. The special dietary needs section of the policy had to be updated, and the resulting amended policy will have to be approved in two readings, similar to an ordinance. The second reading will be in January.

Ludlow High School Principal Travis Caudill presented its Consolidated School Improvement Plan to the board. He covered all the components that the staff will be focusing on for the remainder of the school year. Caudill talked about putting an emphasis on improving math in the high school. He said although there have been some minor improvements, and said that more will need to happen to bring math scores up to the level that is expected in the district.

Mary Goetz Elementary School Principal Jason Steffen talked about the Elementary School Consolidated School Improvement Plan, which focuses on intervention. He discussed how students are scheduled into intervention programs throughout the school, and the data is used to help guide instruction. Steffen also went over the strategies being implemented to help the fifth graders with their on demand writing. He then talked about the GAP subgroups, addressing areas of concern and what the teachers are doing to remedy those concerns.

College and Career Readiness Coordinator Jennifer McMillen reviewed the district's Consolidated Improvement Plan for the board. She talked about the Gateway Early College program, Gateway Lab dual credit program, Gateway Auto Tech Program, and the Building Industry Association of Northern Kentucky program which have been available to the students this year.

In addition, she went over the two new opportunities that Ludlow is working on with other districts for next year, which includes the River Cities Hub and the Ignite institute.

McMillen explained to the board the changing design of high schools which is resulting in a goal to have all seniors in programs that will allow them to have experiences outside the school building.

Superintendent Borchers updated the board on the graduation requirements that the Kentucky Board of Education passed and will go into effect with the freshman class of 2019-2020.  

Some of the information given to them at last month's board meeting has changed, and he made them aware of the changes. Borchers also told the board about the Supreme court's decision to uphold a lower court's decision on HB 151, the pension reform legislation known as "the sewer bill" by critics. He explained that the topic will probably be discussed again in the spring.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor