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Edgewood is Best City in Kentucky to Live in, Website Says

Edgewood is the best city in Kentucky to live in.

That's the conclusion of analysis by the website 24/7 Wall Street, which identified the best city in each state.

The website created a weighted index of 26 measures that that fall into one of four categories: affordability, economy, quality of life, and community. Some of the measures include median home value and median income, unemployment rate, poverty rate, drug overdose mortality, and share of commuters.

The site noted Edgewood's $89,000 median household income and $204,000 median home value.

Here's what the site wrote:

The best city to live in in Kentucky, Edgewood is both wealthy and affordable. The typical household in Edgewood earns $89,073, nearly double the $44,811 median income across the state as a whole. Additionally, goods and services are about 11% less expensive in Edgewood than they are nationwide on average.

Overall quality of life in Edgewood is boosted by two large public parks and an easily accessible hospital and medical care center within city limits. Located about seven miles south of Cincinnati across the Ohio River, Edgewood — like many cities on this list — is in commuting distance of a major metropolitan area.

Read the full report here.

-Staff report