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New Covington City Commission Meets for First Time Tuesday

The new Covington city commission will convene for the first time at Tuesday night's caucus meeting, where issues are discussed ahead of the following legislative meeting, where votes are cast.
Commissioners Michelle Williams and Tim Downing, reelected in November, were joined by Denny Bowman and Shannon Smith in being sworn in at a ceremony on Friday.
"Campaign season is over," Downing said. "Now it's time for governance. Now it's time for work."
That work begins on Tuesday with an agenda that includes the resignation of assistant city manager Frank Warnock, who is expected to be approved by the Bellevue city council as that city's next city administrator.
A news release from the City of Covington notes that all four incoming commissioners hail from different neighborhoods and represent "an array of demographic characteristics". Mayor Joe Meyer, the release said, called the commission the most diverse that Covington has possibly ever seen.
The mayor also highlighted upcoming development projects and some difficult issues on the horizon.
"We recognize these challenges but they're not an excuse to take our foot off the accelerator," Meyer said. "This is an exciting and challenging time for the City of Covington, and this commission is up to that challenge."
Retired Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Donald Wintersheimer, a former Covington city solicitor, issued the oath of office, and City Manager David Johnston served as emcee.
Noting several former City Commissioners in the crowd, including Bill Wells, J.T. Spence, and Steve Frank, Johnston spoke of the continuity of progress.
"As much as this group (of new Commissioners) will continue to move Covington forward, we would not be here without the hard work of those who served before," he said.
-Michael Monks, editor & publisher
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