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After Complaints, Edgewood to Ban Airbnb Rentals

The Egdewood city council is moving to ban Airbnb and other short-term lodging operations.

This week, council instructed attorney Frank Wichmann to draw up an ordinance that would prohibit them.

A pair of Marie Lane residents complained to the city about such an operation on their street, arguing that people are coming and going at all hours, and that parked cars on the street increased dramatically around Christmastime.

Airbnb and similar operations allow property owners to rent out their homes or rooms like a hotel via an app or website. Some local cities have banned the operation while others embraced it.

The residents claim that the Airbnb operators on Marie Lane suggested to them that the city approved the operation. The home in question sleeps up to sixteen guests, they said.

City administrator Brian Dehner said that no city approval was granted and maintains that such rentals are not allowed in the city.

Councilman Joe Messmer noted that any property that has more than two residential units within it must be regularly inspected by the fire department and that other regulations must be followed, including exit signs and fire escapes.

Dehner noted that cities like Covington, which allows Airbnb to operate, would encourage such a business because of the more urban nature of the city, while cities like Taylor Mill, which are more suburban, outright banned them.

Wichmann said that he would have proposed legislation ready by the next city council meeting later this month.

In other news, council agreed that trees placed in the public right-of-way could be trimmed or removed. Public works director Bob Begnoche said that city trucks are damaged by the trees during snow removal, and are also buckling some sidewalks, causing difficulty for pedestrians.

Mayor John Link said that the city would explore replacing the trees with another tree to be placed in a homeowner's yard, if they prefer.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor