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Covington Catholic Students Should Be Praised, Kenton Fiscal Court Says

The Kenton County Fiscal Court sent a letter to Covington Catholic High School principal Robert Rowe about the events that transpired involved students and activists in Washington, D.C. last Friday. It is published in its entirety below:

Dear Principal Rowe:

Very few individuals are more knowledgeable about the events of Friday, January 18th, than you, so we won't recount them here in detail. In summary, however, your students were subjected to a continuous torrent of verbal abuse from a group of adult protesters. A separate adult protester entered the space occupied by the students, apparently with the intent of provoking a response from them. A snip of video and a series of false claims were then used to ignite a social media firestorm.

Fortunately, video of the entire chain of events reveals that the interaction between students and protester did not occur as claimed. In the short run, however, this did not stop a digital mob from descending on these students, spewing hate and threats of violence, with some individuals in Northern Kentucky choosing to join in rather than remain calm while facts were revealed and assembled.

As it turns out, these hundreds of students, as a whole, behaved more responsibly in a volatile situation than many of their elders did subsequently. If some of the individual students behaved poorly, we are confident Covington Catholic High School will address those cases.

As a group, the Covington Catholic High School students acted with remarkable restraint in the face of adults determined to provoke them. They should be praised for the maturity of their response. If there is a silver lining to these events, it is that their elders have been reminded, hopefully forever, of age-old lessons - first, collect all the facts, then reach reasoned conclusions, and, finally, work together with love, not hate, to make our community a better place.

Signed by Judge/Executive Kris Knochelmann and County Commissioners Jon Draud, Joe Nienaber, and Beth Sewell

Photo: Kenton County Building (RCN file)