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Sustainable Fish is Focus of Feast at Newport Aquarium

More than thirty local chefs will participate in "Off the Hook", a celebration of agriculture.
The focus of the feast is sustainable fish from pond to sea.
The event is set for Sunday, Feb. 10 at the Newport Aquarium and is hosted by Ohio River Valley Local Group of Chefs Collaborative. With the food served, the chefs will answer where the fish was caught, how it was caught, and who harvested it.
The team is also partnering with Monterey Bay Aquariums, with expert advice from Seafood Watch to bring to life how those questions can be answered in the Ohio Valley.
Proceeds will benefit the Edible Ohio Valley Foundation, the Ohio River Valley Chefs Collaborative Local Group, Chefs Collaborative, La Soupe, and the Wave Foundation.
The intent of this end-of-winter collaboration is to showcase how our choices transform much more than food, a news release said. The team illustrates this intent in many ways: boosting the local economy by creating dishes made with ingredients grown and produced locally by farms such as Carriage House and 80 Acres; serving dishes made with fresh ingredients, providing more healthy options to guests; supporting the hard work of sustainable agriculture, which encompasses biodiversity (growing more and different varieties of beets rather than commodity crops, for example), clean air and clean water, and humane animal husbandry. 
Tickets and more info can be found here.
-Staff report
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