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Diocese of Covington Releases Results of Cov Cath Investigation

The Diocese of Covington on Wednesday released the results of its investigation into a trip by Covington Catholic High School students to Washington, D.C.

An encounter between students, Black Hebrew Israelites, and a Native American activist led to the release of multiple videos that went viral on social media, creating a firestorm of accusations against the students.

In the early hours of the videos' release, the diocese condemned the students' behavior but later softened its language as more about the encounter was learned. 

The results of the investigation and a letter from the diocese to Covington Catholic families are embedded below.

Attorneys for one student, Nick Sandmann, who became the face of the school amid the firestorm, are in the process of legal action against multiple media organizations and national personalities for their coverage and commentary associated with the events at the National Mall in Washington.

-Staff report

Photo: Covington Catholic High School