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Bellevue Schools Working on New Mission Statement

After launching its new logo and branding, the Bellevue Independent School District is working to come up with the right mission statement to match.

"We want to have a tag line that when you think of Bellevue Schools, this line comes to your mind," said Superintendent Robb Smith. "The political climate in the country is reflected in the community. We are an inclusive community. We are going to find ways to celebrate each and every child and let them know they are very important."

The new logo has already been revealed, but the new mission statement is still under wraps. Smith said it will be revealed before the next regular board meeting, which is scheduled for Feb. 27.

In honor of National School Board Recognition month, at the January meeting all the board members were given Bellevue jackets with the new logo.

New board member Jenn Owens was sworn in before the meeting. Dan Swope was elected board chair for the new year, and Julia Fischer was elected vice chair.  Superintendent Smith is the secretary.

The board voted to surplus 63 iPads so they can be sold.  They also voted to surplus 3,000 books from the library. Smith said that the iPads are rotated, and these were five to six years old and outdated. The books are also winnowed regularly to make way for books more in line with lesson plans.

The draft budget was passed. The overall budget is between $7 and $8 million, and the contingency fund is 8 percent.

Bellevue High School Principal John Darnell told the board that the MAP testing results were positive and higher than the ones last fall. The hopes are that the spring test scores continue to rise.

He also mentioned that the basketball tournaments were successful, and the money raised at the girls' tournament was enough to fund the Stephanie Wilson Memorial Scholarship for years.

Grandview Principal Angela Young thanked the Bellevue Educational Foundation for providing funds for a variety of instruments for the school.

She said the MAP and Lexile scores were good and they were planning lessons according to the strengths and weaknesses.

Kindergarten registration will take place on march 7, at 4:30 pm.

January's students of the month from Bellevue Middle and High Schools are Jasmine Bricking, Colby Ward, Marcelo Herald, T.J. Southwick, Marisol Perez, Mackenzie Tiemeyer, and Colton Hissong.

Grandview Elementary's students of the month included Savannah McFarland, Ella Barth, Arthur Wright, Kinley Hawkins, Camden MacPherson, Brooklyn Turner, and Malia Cooper.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer
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