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Man Gets 12 Years for Robbing Teens from Bellevue Gas Station

A man was sentenced to twelve years in prison after being convicted on three counts of first degree robbery earlier this month.
Jimmy Dean Williams, 38, received the sentence from Kenton County Circuit Judge Patricia Summe. 
Police said that on November 3, 2017, Williams approached three teen boys at a gas station in Bellevue and asked for a ride. They agreed. During the ride, Williams pulled a gun and directed the teens to park on West Eleventh Street off Madison Avenue in Covington, where the street was closed at the time. 
Williams demanded and took the teens' money, phones, and jewelry before fleeing on foot.
A watch belonging to one of the teens was tracked to a pawn shop in Cincinnati and Covington Police Detective Corey Warner learned that Williams had pawned it.
The teens later identified Williams as their robber. 
Williams's defense team at trial said that the victims lied about the encounter and that a robbery did not occur. Kenton County Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Aaron Levinson argued that the victims had no motive to lie.
A jury found Williams guilty in December and recommended a sentence of twelve years for each of the three counts, to run concurrently. Judge Summe agree.
Williams must serve at least 85 percent of his sentence before being eligible for parole.
Commonwealth's Attorney Rob Sanders applauded the work of police and prosecutors to bring Williams to justice.
"This wasn't an easy case but justice was obtained by Detective Warner, who left no stone unturned, and Mr. Levinson who refused to let the jury be led astray by the defense," Sanders said.
In a statement, Sanders said street robberies are a constant threat and pose great dangers to victims.
"Armed robberies are tense encounters and any false move could result in shots fired with deadly consequences," Sanders said. "The community is much better off with this robber behind bars."
-Staff report
Photo: Jimmy Dean Williams (via Kenton Co. Detention Center)
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