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Taylor Mill Hears About Future of Local Zoning

County-wide plans to adapt municipal zoning codes to the modern day were explained last week at the Taylor Mill city commission meeting.

Planning & Development Services of Kenton County executive director Dennis Gordon was joined by that organization's senior planner Patrick Denbow in explaining the process.

Gordon said that the goal was to make planning and zoning efforts more efficient.

Fifty-nine years after the creation of PDS, there are twenty local governments in Kenton County. 

Denbow explained how PDS wanted to streamline regulations and make the whole process more user-friendly. This relatively new effort is called Z21, zoning for the 21st century, and it will be accomplished in three phases.

Phase one is finished, according to Denbow, and phase 2 is wrapping up. Phase 3 is when the zoning process is tailored to fit each city.

Denbow said the organization has been able to streamline its zoning districts, combining some of the ordinances that are almost identical.

He explained that they will have a table format where people can easily see what is allowed in each zone. The table is loaded with links so people can click on whatever they need more explanation on, and there will be pictures to help with understanding.

"You can easily see how you want your city developed visually," Denbow said.

The process deals with everything, including fence standards, landscaping, parking and loading standards, sign regulations, and all processes and procedures that will be put in an easier format, which will save time and expense, PDS officials said.

Cities do not have to take part in this program, although it is recommended. Even though cities have representatives on the Kenton County Planning Commission and PDS board, the programs have to be tailored to each community, so commissioners will have to go through the program chapter by chapter.

Mayor Dan Bell said that the city is 62 years old and that a lot of the ordinances in the city were written forty years ago. He added that he thought it would be prudent to eliminate some of the confusion with this new system.

In other news, the city commission voted to permit early liquor sales on St. Patrick's Day, which falls on a Sunday this year. Typically, drinks can't be sold until 11 a.m. on Sundays, but on March 17, vendors can begin selling at 6 a.m.

The pay scale for the city clerk was raised from $45,000 annually to $50,000.

Thomas Scanlon was approved to join the police department as a new officer.

Mayor Bell said that the city will seek bids for sidewalk projects along Saddlebrook Drive.

At a special meeting held the previous Monday, several people were appointed to the Board of Adjustments.  Janice Foster, Edward Kuehne, Jack Osterhage, M. Scott Smith, and Russell Staubach will serve on the Board of Adjustments through October 21, 2021.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor