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Jury Takes 30 Minutes to Convict Kenton Co. Child Molestor

A convicted child molester received an addition 15-year sentence recommendation from a Kenton County jury last week.
Matthew Bucher, 31, was already convicted once, in May of last year, on charges of promoting and possessing child pornography. That trial was the culmination of an investigation into Bucher's sexual involvement with a 12-year old girl. Bucher, of Ft. Mitchell, would pose as a teenager to develop a relationship with his victims. He was sentenced to 45 years in prison last summer.
From that investigation, another investigation spawned. Covington Police determined that Bucher met a 15-year old girl while he was claiming to be 16.
When confronted by the girl's parents who questioned his age, Bucher amended his age to 19. He was actually 27 at the time.
He and the 15-year old girl would go on dates to the zoo, museums, to restaurants, prosecutors said. He also engaged in sex with her at an apartment in Ft. Mitchell that he shared with his mother.
When the girl turned 16, the age of consent in Kentucky, Bucher revealed his real age, and the relationship ended, prosecutors said. 
But Bucher had on his computer images of sex acts between him and the girl. The sex acts depicted took place before the girl reached the age of consent.
Bucher faced 62 new charges in Kenton Circuit Court, including 30 counts of promoting a sexual performance by a minor, 30 counts of possession of matter portraying a sexual performance by a minor, third degree rape, and third degree sodomy.
The new trial started on March 6 before Judge Patricia Summe. 
The victim, the victim's mother, and Covington investigators testified. The jury was shown all thirty images of child pornography in questions.
The jury ultimately took thirty minutes to deliberate before voting to convict Bucher. The jury recommended a sentence of 15 years.
Judge Summe will have the final say on sentencing in April.
In Kentucky, such sentences related to these sex crimes are served consecutively, meaning that Bucher could serve 60 years in prison.
The Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office said in a news release that other victims who come forward would also have their charges against Bucher prosecuted.
"We will not stop prosecuting Matthew Bucher so long as victims are willing to testify," said Asst. Commonwealth's Attorney Emily Arnzen. "Every victim will have their day in court and know this defendant will be held accountable for the pain he caused them."
Commonwealth's Attorney Rob Sanders applauded his prosecutors and police detectives in their pursuit of Bucher, who Sanders referred to as, "Quite possibly the most prolific child molester in the history of Kenton County!"
Kenton County Police Chief Spike Jones referred to Bucher as "a bad guy" and said, "He's the worst of the worst."
Even though it has been almost two years since his arrest, Jones said police still don't know how many potential victims exist. "Our detectives continue working to identify the victims depicted in Bucher's collection of child pornography but we may never know how many victims were not captured on camera," Jones said.
"Unfortunately, no matter how many victims are identified, no mater how many juries convict, and no matter how many years in prison he receives, under Kentucky law, Bucher will still be eligible for parole in twenty years," Sanders said.
Sanders said that as long as he and his assistant prosecutors are alive, Bucher would face at least one of them at each parole hearing.
"We may be retired, we may be there in wheelchairs," Sanders said, "but we'll be there, working to make sure he never, ever, gets out of prison!"
-Staff report
Photo: Matthew Bucher (via Kenton Co. Detention Center)