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UPS Honors Northern Kentucky Drivers with 25 Years of Safe Driving

UPS announced Tuesday that twenty-one drivers from Kentucky are among 1,436 newly inducted worldwide into the Circle of Honor, an honorary organization for UPS drivers who have achieved twenty-five or more years of accident-free driving. 

Several honorees are from Northern Kentucky.

Kentucky boasts 184 Circle of Honor drivers with a combined 5,336 years of accident-free driving. Cleveland Francis of Louisville is the state’s senior-most safe driver, with 49 years of accident-free driving under his belt. There are 1,941 total full-time UPS drivers in Kentucky.

“My thanks go to all of them for their dedication and focus and for the countless lives they’ve saved,” said Kevin Church, president, UPS Ohio Valley District. “Their attention to detail has kept them safe and has helped improve public safety.”

Globally, the most seasoned UPS Circle of Honor driver is Thomas Camp of Livonia, Mich., with 56 years of driving without an accident. Ronald McKnight of Bronx, N.Y., is next in line with 50 years of safe driving. One hundred twenty six others have logged at least 40 years without an accident.

Local drivers honored (with hometown, and work location):

Oza Delaney (Florence, Sharonville, Oh.)

Kenneth Haney (Florence, Sharonville, Oh.)

John Holman (Ludlow, Florence)

Jamie Lemen (Villa Hills, Florence)

Joseph Nessler (Southgate, Cincinnati)

Ryan Rechtin (Bellevue, Cincinnati)

-Staff report