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Edgewood Postpones Vote on Ads

At a previous city council meeting, City Administrator Brian Dehner brought up the issue after receiving complaints about ads being thrown in yards, and residents' complaints going unanswered by the offending companies.

Such businesses are allowed to operate. The City of Bellevue is considering a similar option to further regulate the business practice.

In Edgewood, city council members are undecided, particularly because some residents enjoy the ads.

Mayor John Link and Dehner had said previously that under a proposed ordinance the ads would still be delivered to those who want them, but other residents could put a stop to the delivery.

Link was not present at this week's meeting and Councilwoman Kim Wolking presided.

Dehner said that the city would continue to research the subject and possibly have a representative from an advertisement company to come speak at the city building.

A second reading of the ordinance was postponed until further notice.

Meanwhile, resident Joe Stricker, who lives on Magnolia Court, asked council to address what he says is consistent speeding on the street. He remembered a pair of speed humps in front of his home that are no longer there. He is concerned about kids in the street being hurt.

Dehner said that the city would study the area and put up a radar detector to monitor speed. It could take a couple of months.

The city will hold its annual Easter egg hunt at Freedom Park on Saturday, April 6 at 2 p.m.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor