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Newport Considers Resident Parking Program

The City of Newport is considering a city sticker program for residential parking.

“Parking is very limited in some neighborhoods and we have a significant problem with vehicles not registered properly - out of state plates,” City Manager Tom Fromme said. “This is very difficult to enforce and stickers make this much easier to deal with.”

The program is still in the research stages and a fee structure and other regulations are still being explored.

Money raised through the sticker program would go towards parking enforcement, signage, and street maintenance costs.

Fromme said that two vendors have expressed interest in the project, which would involve a scan-based sticker placed on the driver’s side of a vehicle’s rear window. Fromme said it’s possible that one of the vendors will make a presentation to the commission at the April caucus meeting.

Mayor Jerry Peluso said he is pleased to see the program being researched.

“Parking is a premium throughout the city,” he said. “We are so close to Cincinnati that we have an abnormal amount of out of state license plates. This is about bringing fairness to those who pay car taxes. This program will make a big improvement.

Written by Melissa Reinert, RCN contributor

Photo: Monmouth Street in Newport (RCN)
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