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Dayton Schools to See New Lighting; Superintendent Creates Grow Team

The Dayton Board of Education approved the issuance of energy conservation bonds last week.

The bonds are valued at the principal amount of $1,005,000 to provide funds for school building purposes. The plan is to change the district's lighting system.

Each building within the district will have its lights replaced with LED bulbs, and it is expected that the savings from the energy bills would pay for the project.

The district will also be eligible for rebates from Duke Energy.

Last summer, the board heard proposals from three different companies qualified to do the work and decided that Energy Optimizer would be best.

The project will begin this summer so that it can be finished by the time school starts again in August. The district has already replaced some of the outdoor lighting, but this effort will replace everything in all the rooms of the schools.

In other news, Superintendent Jay Brewer discussed an idea with the board about growing district leadership among a broad range of personnel.

He wants to create a group that freely shares ideas, concerns, and opportunities, and creates action plans to improve the school community.

Brewer said he wants to improve the school culture by having this team of leaders excited and prepared to move the district forward. The mission of what Brewer calls the Dayton Grow Team is to bring the school leaders together to learn, problem-solve, and execute the motto of Inspiring, Engaging and Growing.

The team will consist of twenty-seven members and be made up of representatives from preschool, kindergarten, first through sixth grades, special education, special areas, principal, assistant principal, and guidance counselor roles at Lincoln Elementary. From Dayton High School, the representatives will be from English, math, science, social studies, special education, special areas, principal, assistant principal, and guidance counselor.

From the main office, the representatives will be the superintendent, director of teaching and learning, director of student support, director of special education, and the technology director.

The team will meet for two hours after school for the months of August, September, November, January, March, and June. It will also meet for two professional days during the summer to study the book Focus, and to create goals and objectives for next year.

Brewer said there will be a $500 leadership stipend for each of the sixteen teachers, for a total expense of $8,000.

Each teacher leader will be compensated $100 per day for summer meeting days.

The total expense for the first year of this program will be $11,200, which will come from the Title One professional funds.

New board member Bret Neuspickle was sworn in by U.S. District Judge David Bunning. Neuspickle's daughter, Delilah, was also honored as a student of the month.

The board also passed a motion making agenda and attachments part of the official board meeting records.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor