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Park Hills Police Expected to Provide Officer to Covington Catholic

Park Hills Police Chief Cody Stanley offered an update to city council on the ongoing talks to place a uniformed officer inside Covington Catholic High School.

Stanley said that the school is willing to pay for 97 percent of the cost to have an officer present on campus each school day. The city would pay for the remaining costs, which would amount to training, uniforms, and a cruiser.

The chief said that if a retired police officer is hired to fill the school resource officer role, the city would not have to contribute to the pension fund or insurance reimbursement fund. However, a dedicated school resource officer would not be able to assist the city in offsetting overtime costs or filling in during vacation days, Stanley said.

Stanley said that the city would save more money by hiring an officer solely to serve Covington Catholic.

The chief also mentioned that he has been in talks with Notre Dame Academy, but is unsure whether that school wants to move forward.

The contract with Covington Catholic would be for three years, he said.

"This will be a model project for the Diocese of Covington," Stanley said. "And it is our responsibility to protect all students."

Last week's council meeting was for discussion purposes only and nothing was formally decided.

Meanwhile, Councilwoman Pam Spoor reminded residents that she is still looking for older pictures of the city and from the city for a history book project.

She also suggested that the city change its parks references to parks and public spaces, and increase the budget for them from $1,300 to $1,800.

A sidewalk project on St. Joseph Lane will be prioritized when a schedule is formalized for such projects.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor