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Sports Madness: The Latest News and Picks of the 2019 Triple Crown Series

The newest edition of the most prestigious horse racing showdown in the country which is the Triple Crown Series about to unfold around 60 days from now. Surely, a lot of horse racing fans are very excited to find out if there will be a competitive thoroughbred horse racer to complete the three legs of races and end up as the Triple Crown winner.

Not only that, the latest edition of this grand event will surely be the most exciting horse racing event in history as this will be attended by the most competitive horses locally and abroad. Truly, the said event will not only give you an action-packed show, but this will greatly give you full entertainment as your betting experience will be more exciting.

That said, if you are one of the horse racing fans that’s also excited and can’t wait to experience the Triple Crown showdown, at this point, you must get ready. As go along and prepare yourself for an intense racing game, let’s take a head to head review about what should be the things you need to expect in the upcoming Triple Crown Series.


Will There Be A Triple Crown Winner This Year?


It’s the biggest buzz circulating all over the world of sports news if there’s going to be a new Triple Crown winner. The said racing series is composed of three major horse racing legs starting with Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and finally the Belmont Stakes. At the start of the racing leg, Kentucky expert picks becomes the basis of every horse racing enthusiasts as to picking their best horse racer to win and at the same time the possible Triple Crown winner.

To be honest, it’s not bad to guess and bet for your favorite horse racer to be the possible Triple Crown winner, but you need to weigh your options. In this kind of game, you need to be wise. You have to make sure that you review and familiarize the previous statistics and competency of every horse racer in order to assess his capability of winning. You might hear a lot of buzz from experts as to which horse racer will the Triple Crown Series this year and one thing for you to be certain about these buzzes is by making sure that you know your horse racer’s probability and statistics of winning so you’ll end up a competitive betting game.


Game Winner - The 2019 Triple Crown Best Contender



Given the fact that there are several horse racers who will be joining this year’s edition of the Triple Crown Series, it’s hard to predict who’s going to make it the final leg of the crown. It’s also true that the competition is very tight as the horse racer that is expected to join will surely give a great show on the said events. Not only that, all horse racers are exceptionally trained with regards to their stamina, confidence, agility, and speed that’s why it’s rare to foresee who’s going to clinch the coveted Triple Crown this year.

While it may be true that in the sea of incredible horse racer’s joining the event deems a hard task to determine who the real winner would be, all experts come up with one horse racer name which has all the abilities to take this year’s Triple Crown. He is a famous Game Winner. This three-year-old thoroughbred horse racer is trained by a Hall of Famer Trainer Bob Baffert who also saddled the Triple Crown in the last four years for two times in a row. Game Winner has been so active and competitive in his last races. He was even undefeated in two major horse racing showdown which is the Juvenile Breeder's Cup and the Del Mar Futurity. This what makes him being chosen as a top racer and a favorite to snatch the 2019 Triple Crown.

At this given point, Game Winner is one of the early bets when it comes to experts picks of who’s going to get the prestigious Triple Crown this year. This is true because even though there are stronger horse racers who had been winners in their respective horse racing tournaments. Game Winner remained undefeated in all events he has joined. Clearly, he is seen to be the most competitive and possible big winner this year.

As the biggest season of the Triple Crown Series about the unfold in less than 60 days from now, it’s a must that you have to prepare yourself including in getting full knowledge of what you need to expect this year as well as the possible winner. Take note that there might be favorites and top picks already, but the winner can’t be determined not until the race has finished. Ready to take part in the grandest horse racing showdown this year? Right preparation is the key.

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