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Kentucky Symphony Hosts Bourbon Barrel Event at New Riff Campus

The Kentucky Symphony Orchestra is hosting is second annual Bourbon Barrel Ball later this month.

The event is set for Saturday, April 27 at 6 p.m. at the New Riff West Newport warehouse, tasing, and bottling facilities.

The fundraiser for KSO will support its free education and park concerts.

This year, the event will open with a cocktail hour and bourbon tastings, a silent auction, and tours of the rickhouses and bottling operations.

A three-course, two-entree dinner will follow with wine and dessert.

The KSO Big/Boogie Band will perform a Rat-Pack tribute and an R&B Diva tribute.

The evening’s big raffle drawing features the rarest of bourbons — O.F.C. (Old Fashioned Copper) 1985 from Buffalo Trace. Only 61 bottles were retrieved from this 34-year vintage barrel. 

"The KSO has always thrown great parties, but this is a 4D clam-bake," said KSO founder James Cassidy. "Smell the angels’ share, check out the players and ring a dings, listen and dance to the Rat Pack and Divas, and taste the bourbons and fancy foods."

Proceeds from the event keep the music playing across the region, he said. The KSO has performed free education concerts for 239 regional schools and 138,837 students over the past 24 years. Additionally free annual summer concerts in Covington’s Devou Park have brought nearly 388,000 area residents to the iconic concert bowl in 24 summers. The Bourbon Barrel Ball provides funding to keep these vibrant, educational, engaging & entertaining opportunities available for you and your neighbors.

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