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Covington Seeks Firm to Lead Study for New Firehouse

After Covington received a state grant for a fire station site and facilities study, the city is moving forward on a search for an organization to conduct the study.

“Rather than us just pick a site, we want an organization that is created to do just that,” Fire Chief Mark Pierce said. “They have the expertise and they are a third party, that takes the emotion out of it. This decision should be based on facts and data.”

The city has sent out a request for proposals, due 10 a.m. April 29.

The state grant for $300,000 can be used for the West Covington Fire Station property acquisition including purchase of the property, a study to determine sites, GIS mapping of the served district, and any additional site work necessary to prepare the property for a build. Chief Pierce said monies can be used for surveying, legal research, preparatory documentation, and consulting from an architect.

According to Mayor Joe Meyer this is the right move for the city and fire department.

“This station was built in the 1930s and they can barely fit a fire truck in it as it is,” he said. “To continue providing the level of fire protection and emergency response that Covington residents deserve, we simply have to upgrade that facility.”

Pierce said he would like to see a new fire station include at least one additional bay for storage of equipment, as well as better living quarters for staff. Current living quarters are very cramped, he said.

After an organization is selected to conduct the study, Pierce estimates it will take 15 weeks to complete before the commission can begin deciding how they want to proceed.

An earlier version of this story indicated that the deadline for proposals was April 25, but the actual date is April 29.

Written By Melissa Reinert, RCN Contributor

Photo: via Covington Fire Company 2 (Facebook)