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Ft. Mitchell Traffic Study Begins, Restricting Some Parking

The City of Fort Mitchell's plan to analyze the traffic situation on Highland Avenue will begin on Monday.

There will be no on-street parking allowed on Highland between Oak Street and Floral Avenue between 7 and 9 a.m. each weekday.

The city is working with engineering firm Bayer Becker on the effort. The purpose is to evaluate traffic on Highland from Dixie Highway to Longmeadow Lane, and to then make recommendations to improve traffic flow and safety.

Residents had previously expressed concern about congestion, on-street parking, and sight distance, though at public meetings there was little consensus among the public on how to approach a fix.

The study runs Monday, April 15 to Wednesday, May 15. 

Bayer Becker will take additional observations and measurements of Highland Avenue during the study period.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Photo: Floral Avenue in Ft. Mitchell (RCN)