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NKY Organizations Receive Grants from ArtsWave

Six Northern Kentucky organizations were among the recipients of grant funding from ArtsWave, the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region's arts funder.

The money comes from tens of thousands of dollars in donations from the public, and totaled $118,000 across the region. $24,450 was awarded to NKY organizations.

All of the approved projects were one-time Catalyzing Impact Grants that further ArtsWave’s vision to create a more vibrant and connected community, emphasizing one or more of the arts sector’s Blueprint for Collective Action goals.

Nearly one-third (nine of the 29 organizations) are receiving monies for the first time from ArtsWave.

“Expanding the breadth of arts is important to creating an inclusive and reflective community that’s able to connect all of us. This variety jumpstarts our neighborhoods, fueling an economic boost as well,” said ArtsWave President & CEO Alecia Kintner.

In total, 76 organizations applied for funding with $615,191 in total project requests, representing the largest number applying in a grant cycle for this type of funding.

ArtsWave provides Catalyzing Impact Grants twice a year — one in the fall, the other in the spring.  

All of these projects are being funded through the 2019 ArtsWave Community Campaign and the support of nearly 40,000 residents, corporations, and foundations.

Northern Kentucky organizations receiving funds:

Boone County Public Library $1,000

Covington Partners $5,000

Dayton Independent Schools $5,000

NKU Music Prep $3,450

Baker Hunt Art & Cultural Center $5,000

The Catalytic Fund $5,000

-Staff report