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City of Dayton in Discussions for Possible New Business at Riverside

It has been more than a month since Dayton lost its grocery store, Riverside Market.

Now, another business may open at the site.

Not many details are publicly known at this time, but on Tuesday night, the Dayton city council spent nearly two hours in an executive session with a representative of a potential business entity discussing the property at 118 Sixth Avenue.

Under Kentucky law, there are limits about which items may be discussed during an executive session. On Tuesday, the meeting seemed to have been related to potential city incentives for a business to operate at the former Riverside site.

At the conclusion of the executive session, city council resumed its public meeting and adjourned without taking action on the Riverside site.

Instead, council voted for legal documents to be prepared about the apparent proposal for future consideration. Because the discussions are still mostly private, city officials could not expand upon what was talked about or what is being considered.

It was unclear when that task may be completed and then considered before the public at a future city council meeting.

Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher