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Covington Latin Earns Membership in National Speech & Debate Association

Covington Latin School earned charter membership in the National Speech & Debate Association.

Over the past three years, Covington Latin has earned more than fifty degrees for outstanding participation in speech and debate activities (degrees are earned by students and coaches through speech and debate competition, community service, and leadership activities).

Charter school membership is the highest school honor you can achieve as a part of the National Speech & Debate Association.

“Participation in speech and debate changes lives,” said J. Scott Wunn, executive director of the National Speech & Debate Association. “We are extremely proud of our charter schools, coaches, and students for their hard work and dedication to this transformative activity.”

In a news release, the organization said, "From building confidence, improving communication, and increasing critical thinking skills, to better preparing students for college, speech and debate activities provide life skills vital to a young person’s success in the future. Schools that provide speech and debate programs report increased attendance, higher test scores, rise in college acceptance, and reduced drop-out rates. Charter schools reflect a sustained commitment to these values."

-Staff report

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