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Edegwood Council Sees Preliminary 2019-20 Budget

The City of Edgewood's 2019-2020 budget is shaping up to be about $11,221,339.

City Adninistrator Brian Dehner said that the revenue side of things is starting to be right.

The numbers, put together by Behner and staff, include consideration of a retirement last year and the upcoming July retirement of general services director Bob Begnoche. Police Chief Tony Kramer is expected to retire next year.

Dehner said that the city is budgeting for a fourth school resource officer from the police department, to be placed at Caywood Elementary.

The city is still working to have a restroom near the tennis courts and Adams shelter at Presidents Park, with an estimated cost of $175,000.

Dehner offered council a choice with the fire department: hire three full-time firefighter/EMTs to make the day-shift staffing four employees on duty at a time, or increase the overtime budget and hire more part-time people. The financial difference isn't much, he said.

A street sweeper is on the list of items the city would like to purchase. Dehner said the item is out for bid, and bids are due on April 24. The city shares the street sweeper with Ft. Mitchell. 

The budget will be discussed further at the next meeting.

In other business, councilman Joe Messmer suggested that the city should start registering its rental units. He read an article on a trend involving millennials buying houses and renting them out, he said.

"I think we are behind the ball by not registering the rentals," Messmer said. "We should know how many we have and where they are located. We should be on the forefront of this."

Messmer said he was wondering what other cities are doing. Dehner said that he could do some research to see what other cities are doing, and if it was possible to target the rentals for a registry purpose.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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